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The NEW Generation 流星拡散フェスタ2016 (NEW Generation Spreading Shooting Star Fest 2016) is a crossover event across BEMANI games, continuing from the NEW Generation 夏の流星フェスタ2016 (NEW Generation Summer Shooting Star Fest 2016). 

This phase of the crossover event will allow players of Dance Dance Revolution A, MUSECA 1+1/2, pop'n music eclale and Reflex Beat VOLZZA 2 to unlock up to a total of 6 songs featured in this event.

The event started on October 10, 2016 and will end on November 3, 2016.

Event mechanicsEdit

To start the event, MUSECA players have to play a song featured in this event in either Beatmania IIDX 23 Copula, Sound Voltex III -GRAVITY WARS-, or jubeat Qubell once to start your progress in the event. After that, players can continue playing MUSECA to unlock the remaining songs. Unlocking the other songs means playing MUSECA from start to finish.

Angelic Jelly is already unlocked even if you didn't play the three aforementioned games but it is not an indicator that you are all set for this event.

For those who have never played any of the three aforementioned games, you can play these songs in those games are they are available in the default song list:

  • Beatmania IIDX 23 Coupla - StrayedCatz
  • Sound Voltex III -GRAVITY WARS- - Sephirot
  • jubeat Qubell - Angelic Jelly

A grafica based on the song Triple Counter will also be unlocked after unlocking the song "Triple Counter."


IMPORTANT: In order to proceed to the next steps, you need to complete the aforementioned unlock condition from the three aforementioned games.
Jacket Song Artist Unlock Condition
Angelic Jelly t+pazolite Already unlocked
Sephirot SHIKI Play MUSECA a total number of 3 times.
StrayedCatz 削除
Play MUSECA a total number of 6 times.
Grand Chariot xi Play MUSECA a total number of 9 times.
ZEPHYRANTES TAG Play MUSECA a total number of 12 times.
Triple Counter DJ YOSHITAKA meets dj TAKA Play MUSECA a total number of 15 times.


This unlocks the mission to restore the grafica, not the grafica itself.

Grafica Title Character/s Unlock condition
Triple Counter でるたとびーまにのなかまたち
(Deru ta tobi ma ni no naka ma tachi)
Unlock the Triple Counter song in MUSECA during the event.


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