e-Amusement is Konami's online service of its arcade video games. This allows players to save their records, unlocked content and personalizations of arcade games that is compatible with the service.


For MUSECA, having an e-Amusement account allows players to:

  • Create a curator (player) name 
  • Save their score records.
  • Keep unlocked content from progression and events.

The account is tied to the the specific e-Amusement card used to play the game. Players can link their e-Amusement card with their Konami ID to access:

  • Player information.
  • Viewing of unlocked graficas.
  • Music score and play records.
  • Curator name change.

Account CreationEdit

To create an account in MUSECA, simply tap the e-Amusement card on the right side of the machine, above the the touch numpad and input in your PIN. 

Agree to the Terms and Conditions to continue. If this is the first e-Amusement compatible game played, you will be prompted to create your PIN. PINs cannot consist of 4 digits of the same number (i.e. 0000, 1111, 9999, etc.)

Create your desired curator name. Maximum of 8 characters.