Curator Rank is a feature introduced in MUSECA 1+1/2 as a way for curators (players) to display their level of progress and proficiency in the game.


The Curator Rank is determined on how many grafica missions the player has successfully finished. The player's progress is indicated by a progress bar at the start of the game indicating how much more progress is needed to reach the next rank. Curator Rank promotions can happen after finishing a mission that fulfills last requirement for ranking up.

Currently, advantages of the Curator Rank system are:

  • Access content only obtained in specific Curator Ranks.

If the player has played MUSECA and has successfully finished grafica misions before this feature was implemmented, the player will promoted to the appropriate rank that they are eligible for.

Curator RanksEdit

Rank Title Conditions for next rank promotion
1 いきなりキュレーター Clear 1 easy (green) grafica mission.
2 持て余されるキュレーター Clear 5 easy (green) grafica mission.
3 一歩進んで二歩下がるキュレーター Clear 10 easy (green) grafica mission.
4 おっかなびっくりキュレーター Clear 15 easy (green) grafica missions.
5 凡骨キュレーター Clear 20 easy (green) grafica missions.
6 そのへんのキュレーター Clear 25 easy (green) grafica missions.
7 よくいるキュレーター Clear 30 easy (green) grafica missions.
8 可もなく不可もないキュレーター Clear 35 easy (green) grafica missions.
9 なんてことはないキュレーター Clear 40 easy (green) grafica missions.
Clear the Spark Chute! mission in either medium (orange) or hard (red)
10 黙々とこなすキュレーター Clear 20 medium (orange) grafica missions.
11 気の利いたキュレーター Clear 35 medium (orange) grafica missions.
12 小粋なキュレーター Clear 50 medium (orange) grafica missions.
13 空気を読むキュレーター Clear 65 medium (orange) grafica missions.
14 現役バリバリのキュレーター Clear 80 medium (orange) grafica missions.
Clear the grafica mission for "らぶはぴ♥ (RabuHapi)" in hard (red).
15 これはいいキュレーター Clear 40 hard (red) grafica missions.
16 いいセンスのキュレーター Clear 60 hard (red) grafica missions.
17 垢抜けたキュレーター Clear 80 hard (red) grafica missions.
18 小粋なキュレーター Clear 100 hard (red) grafica missions.
19 薔薇の香りのキュレーター Clear 120 hard (red) grafica missions.
Clear the grafica mission for "竜神姫 (Ryūjinhime)" in hard (red).
20 あんたが主役のキュレーター Highest rank available.

Rank RewardsEdit

Rank Type Content
2 Grafica missions 15 missions unlocked.
3 Grafica missions 15 missions unlocked.
3 Song Difficulty 「みたらしプラトニック (feat. nicamoq)」
(Mitarashi Plantonic)
3 Song Difficulty Metamorphobia
(medium and hard)
4 Grafica missions 30 missions unlocked.
5 Grafica Missions 43 missions unlocked.
5 Grafica 1st Anniversary Kokotsu
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