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The Agetta Moratta (アゲッタモラッタ / Give and Take) event is a crossover event celebrating the launch of MUSECA 1+1/2. The event allows players of MUSECA and Sound Voltex to unlock songs from and for both games. The event started on July 28, 2016 and ended on March 7, 2018. All event songs can be unlocked via COLORIS and Blocks respectively.

Event MechanicsEdit

Players simply have to unlock the hardest difficulty songs in MUSECA to unlock them in Sound Voltex. The event works the other way as well, as players can unlock songs in MUSECA by unlocking the EXHAUST difficulty of the songs in Sound Voltex. All the prices indicated to unlock the songs are bundled since unlocking songs will also unlock its lesser difficulty.

Unlocking songs for MUSECAEdit

Unlock the following songs in the "EXHAUST" diffculty in Sound Voltex.

Jacket Song Artist Blocks (blc) Unlock Condition
Invitation from Mr.C C-Show 3000 None
Onigo Hommarju 310 Earn 10 clear medals (clear songs). Only song clear records in Sound Voltex III -GRAVITY WARS- will be counted.
Quietus Ray xi 690 None
Din Don Dan (Fusion Remix) TAKU1175 feat.かなたん
(feat. Kanatan)
1800 None
Blacksphere s-don as Iriss 2300 None
U.N.オーエンは彼女なのか?(TO-HOlic mix)
(U.N.Owen wa kanojona no ka?)
C-Show 690 None
(Kaneko Chiharu)
390 None

TIP: You can easily find the songs by filtering the songs using the "アゲッタモラッタ" filter.

Unlocking songs for Sound VoltexEdit

Unlock the following songs in the red (朱) difficulty in MUSECA. 

Jacket Song Artist COLORIS scope-'col'|Unlock Condition
albus かめりあ
16000 None
(Kaneko Chiharu)
31500 None
(Neko Kuma Usasaa)
溝口ゆうま feat. みこ♡なち♡あい
(Mizoguchi Yūma feat. Miko♡Nachi♡Ai)
2900 None
Paradission BlackY 15200 None
MERRiESTxHOLiC miko♡nachi feat.u-z 2000 None
Metamorphobia winddrums 24000 Reach Curator Rank 3 to unlock the harder difficulties of this song.
Laughin' Muffin Gowrock 15500 None
Lo-Fi-M yaseta 2900 None

TIP: You can easily find the songs by filtering the songs using the "アゲッタモラッタ" filter.

Currency BonusEdit

When playing MUSECA, you earn 100 Packets and 150 Blocks for Sound Voltex per game. There is a cap set to 2000 Packets and 3000 Blocks to be earned. Play Sound Voltex to claim the accumulated Packets and Blocks for use.

When playing Sound Voltex, you earn 1500 COLORIS for MUSECA per game. There is a cap set to 30000 COLORIS to be earned. Play MUSECA to claim the accumulated COLORIS for use.

It is possible to claim the currencies without playing the game. Simply log in to game (provided you have an active account on the card) up to the point where your player name appears and the currency will credited to your game. Let the timer expire to "exit" the game.


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